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6 Best Luxury Cars To Make Your Wedding Extra Special

Weddings have become the most-talked subject these days. Delicious food, wedding rituals and highly energized dance floor, these all contribute to a fabulous wedding party. But to make them all happen, first you need to be there preferably on time. A transportation glitch can give your day a bad start, can make your frustrated, delay all the festivities and most importantly leave all your guests feeling cranky. Hiring an experienced wedding car hire company can save you from all of these. In addition to a safe and timely arrival to the venue, they add supreme class of luxury to your wedding ceremony. It’s an extravaganza to your wedding that leaves all your guests in awe.

So before you start to list down your options for your perfect wedding car, make sure you are familiar with these classic luxury cars.

1. Rolls Royce Phantom

When it comes to luxury car bandwagon, the Phantom is right there on the top. It encapsulates an elegant and contemporary luxury to your wedding. The iconic architecture of this car delivers a smooth carpet like the magical ride and its glamorous interiors grabs everyone’s attention. There is no second thought that this car is a beautiful essence of marque and  commands respect like no other car.

2. Porsche Cayman S

Porsche Cayman S

This two door, two seat sports car is designed to add extra glamour to your wedding day. There is no messing about when you hire a Porsche Cayman S. The Cayman is the hard top version of the Boxter. This car is light in weight and loved due to how dynamically involving the car is.

3. Hummer H3

Hummer H3

When we are talking about big and fat wedding car hires, a place is already reserved by this amazing model of Hummer H3. This stretched limousine boast supreme luxury and is a style icon in your wedding. Riding in this prestige car gives your wedding a grand entrance that it truly deserves.

4. Rolls Royce Ghost

Rolls Royce Ghost

Those who can’t afford Phantom yet want to make statement in style, for them it is the baby roller of the modern weddings. Based on the BMW 7 series platform, the Ghost is the second best option for classic weddings.

5. Ferrari California

Ferrari California

The California is the cheapest modest of Ferrari that one can buy. For couples wishing to arrive in style yet want to be in the budget, Ferrari California is the best choice to hire. It is a 2+2 seat hardtop convertible car that gives you an exotic car ride to your wedding venue.

6. Bentley Mulsanne and Flying Spur

Bentley Mulsanne and Flying Spur

Since we are talking about luxury cars, how can Bentley left behind. Bentley Mulsanne is the flagship Bentley sedan and the Flying Spur is only one place down in terms of position. Bentley smoothly whisks you away to a bygone era of elegance and grace. Bentley Car is the perfect option for the couple who look for a traditional wedding.

Shreya is a writer and marketing enthusiast at Love Wedding Car Hire which is a wedding car hire company in UK. After completing her Post Graduation she moved to the UK to explore more the business world and spend her quality time in writing posts about the lifestyle, entertainment, love, relationships, and weddings.

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